Optimizing Sales Revenue Through Digital Marketing Strategy at Mamata Dessert & Café, Denpasar


  • Regilita Ashabrina Kusuma Putri


Digital Marketing Strategies, SOSTAC Model, Mamata Dessert & CaféGood


This study examines Mamata Dessert & Café's implementation of digital marketing strategies, with a focus on social media, within the structured framework of the SOSTAC model. In the competitive business landscape, effective marketing strategies are paramount for success. The SOSTAC model, encompassing Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action, and Control, guides the investigation. Through literature review, internal and external analyses, goal setting, strategy formulation, tactic design, action implementation, and performance evaluation, the study delves into Mamata Dessert & Café's digital marketing initiatives. Results indicate enhanced brand awareness, increased customer engagement, elevated sales, and expanded market share. The findings underscore the importance of adaptability, customer-centricity, and innovation in digital marketing to thrive in the dynamic business environment. This study highlights the pivotal role of digital marketing strategies in driving growth and competitiveness for companies in the digital age. the digital era


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Putri, R. A. K. (2023). Optimizing Sales Revenue Through Digital Marketing Strategy at Mamata Dessert & Café, Denpasar. Journal of Public Administration Science: Policy Dynamics Public Services and Bureaucracy Transformation, 1(1), 17–22. Retrieved from https://journal.xsolusi.com/index.php/jaspdt/article/view/5